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Beard Transplant, Moustache, Eyebrow & Sideburn Restoration

There is a beauty in harmony. If this harmony and symmetry of face is disturbed then beauty is lost. Perfect symmetrical eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and moustache play a key role in the harmony of face.

Abnormality in these key features of face can be because of traumatic injury, burns, surgical scars, aggressive plucking etc. This absence or abnormality has a great impact on a person’s self esteem. Reconstruction or restoration of these structures by hair transplantation can help in resolving these problems. Dermacare clinic background in cosmetic and hair transplant surgery gives us an invaluable insight into the surgical options that are available to address these key features of face. This restoration is done by FUE technique, so there are no visible scars at donor or recipient area.

Facial hair in men are as important as the head hair for cosmetic integrity. Even if a person does not grow a beard or moustache long, its mere presence is considered as the symbol of masculinity. It boosts one’s self esteem and confidence. Beard or moustache has a religious importance too. Awareness about the possibility of restoring hair by beard transplant or moustache transplant has helped these people a lot. Absence of any scars and natural looking results has made this method popular.

Loss of beard or moustache hair can be because of genetics, injury or burns. There are no medications to grow back your beard or moustache. Beard Transplant is the only solution most of the times, ask us for an estimation of beard transplant cost in Bangalore. Perfect and shapely sideburns are most desired by people conscious of their looks.

Dermacare boasts of skilled cosmetic surgeons who are known to provide most natural looking moustache transplant, sideburn hair transplantation, and beard transplant in Bangalore. Less facial hair can be treated either by medication or by hair transplant surgeries. You can consult cosmetic surgeons at Dermacare for treatment.