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Eyebrow Transplantation


Eyebrow transplantation or brow transplantation is a procedure involving the transplantation of scalp hair to the eyebrows where hair growth is thin or absent. Eyebrows play a crucial role in facial symmetry and emotional response. Having fully shaped and symmetrical eyebrows can significantly enhance a person’s image and confidence. In contrast, some people desire to thin their eyebrows. Thinning the eyebrows involves shaping them, it is a simple matter of thinning excess volume for those with thick eyebrows.


In majority of cases, the new eye brow hair typically grows like normal hair. Once the transplanted hair follicle is grown, the hair can be groomed, trimmed or allowed to grow to any length similar to the original hair follicle. Once transplanted the new facial hairs are permanent and difficult to tell apart from the original hair.


It is important that the transplanted hair look as natural as possible. This is achieved by intricate incisions at precise angles followed by careful placement of the grafts at the correct angle and proper to mimic natural growth. If your eyebrows are naturally very thin, then it is crucial to make the transplanted eyebrow not look fake or overindulged. Likewise, overthinning of a naturally fully eyebrow can have similar negative outcomes. At British Hair Clinic, we have highly experienced hair transplantation surgeons working with you to ensure that you get the best natural look possible.