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FUE For Hair Loss

FUE for hair loss

For over 10 years, DrShashidhar has been pioneer in the field of hair restoration surgery. Patients come from all corners of Karnataka to achieve the very best results possible. FUE which is more accurately described as a “procedure” than as a “surgery.” Since the client is not admitted on the day of procedure and the procedure gets over in 4 to 6 hours itself. The donor area is trimmed down to the skin so the individual follicular units (FU’s) are exposed. Once the individual follicular units are visible, we can cherry-pick the most ideal FU’s to be extracted. Usually the units with the most follicles are chosen for removal. This allows us to maximize the number of follicles per graft excised. Whole procedure is done under local anesthesia with complete aseptic precautions.

The harvested FUs are implanted in to bald areas on the same day and client is sent home after the procedure Whole procedure is significantly painless without any inadvertent complications.

We have prepared a new photo gallery exclusively for our FUE results. Now you be the judge!.