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PRP Treatment

PRP Hair Loss Therapy

PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma)therapy is a non-surgical procedure aimed to prevent hair lossin both men and women. The procedure stimulates the hair follicles which help to make the hair thicker and stronger.

PRP treatment shows excellent results by activating the dormant follicles. Growth factors present in the PRP stimulates the stem cells of the hair follicle for growth. It also enhances the blood supply and nutrition on the scalp which makes the hair shaft stronger.

PRP is concentrated blood plasma which contains approximately three to five times the number of platelets found in normal circulating blood.

In this procedure, the patient’s blood is taken and PRP is prepared from it. It is injected into the area where there is thinning of hairs. The number of sessions required for patient usually varies from 4 to 6 sessions. There are no side effects of PRP therapy since we use the platelets from same person and injected back to him/her there are no remote possibility of allergic reactions. The procedure is done with all aseptic precautions so the chances of infection are also not there.

  • PRP for hair loss is a simple, nonsurgical procedure
  • Involves no hospitals, general anesthesia, antibiotics, or other prescriptions are necessary.
  • Safe and reliable results, with no risk of allergic reaction
  • Delivers beautiful and completely natural-looking results

PRP Hair Loss Therapy Treatment Plan

  • Blood is drawn from the patient just as it is when he or she is having a routine blood test. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge down to a high concentration so that the platelets are concentrated to up to three times the normal blood values.
  • The highly concentrated platelet rich plasma is then injected into the scalp using a special micro needle. Typically, the treatment takes 60-90 minutes and involves dozens of injections depending upon the number and size of the areas being treated. The treatment requires about eight sittings, each two weeks apart, for best results.
  • Patients can expect to see a fuzz of new hair growth after their fourth treatment. But PRP not only promotes new hair growth, it also strengthens hair follicles to prevent further hair loss and make thinning hair thicker.
  • No sedation or medication is given the patient during the procedure. So the patient is able to drive and use machinery immediately after treatment.