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Dermacare skin and hair clinic


At Dermacare Skin and Hair Clinic, We aim to make the hair transplantation experience as enjoyable and hassle free as possible. Hair loss treatment at Dermacare Skin and Hair Clinic includes a personal consultation and an interactive discussion between hair loss patient and an experience Hair transplant surgeon.

Our experienced and dedicated hair transplant team are here to always procure the best hair restoration results compared to elsewhere, We pride ourselves on having a team that is known for its excellent skills and standards in hair transplantation surgery. A satisfied and contentpatient is what gives us immense happiness.

Everyone’s skin and hair type demands a customized level of treatment. In our clinic DrShashidharT himself assesses the need of aeach hairloss patient and recommends appropriate solutions customized to one’s need. This is followed by in-clinic solutions which are provided by expert doctor himself. We value each one of our patients and treat them as one of our family members and to ensure that we help them to look their best and natural to regain their lost confidence and make their Dermacare Skin and Hair Clinic experiencepleasant and rewarding.

Dermacare Skin and Hair Clinic is conveniently locatedat Jayanagar, Bangalore to discuss your needs and address any queries or concerns that you may have of skin and hair related issues. We ensure that we meet all the necessary requirements to provide a safe and hygienic environment to treat our patients.

Our Team

At Dermacare Skin andHair Clinic, you are in the safest handsfor management of skin and hair related problems. Together with our friendly management and reception staff, our team will make you feel homely during your visit.

Our surgeon and team have received the highest levels of training and have attained a skillset that we feel proud to offer to our patients. Each member holds appropriate professional qualifications and is insured to carry out the procedures. One aspect whichstands out from other similar clinics would be the best results we offer at affordable prices.