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Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant

Body hair transplant (BHT) is a procedure of transferring the hair grafts from anywhere of the body parts to the recipient area. It is most appropriate for facial hair transplantation such as Moustache, Beard, Eyebrows reconstruction or in some cases of the burnt & accidental scars, mainly on the moustache, beard or on the eyebrows, which degrade the persons’ beauty and appearance. The implanted hair grows naturally and hides the scars aesthetically. These hairs can be taken from the chest, armpits, abdomen or anywhere in the body.

Body hair can also be transplanted to the scalp areas when the person does not have the adequate donor supply, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp have very few hairs and so the extractions are not possible for the expected number of hair grafts.

Body hair transplants on the scalp are the least preferable and recommended in the rare cases only when the patient doesn’t have enough donor scalp hair for the hair transplantation. In some cases like Alopecia areata or skin diseases, burnt or the accidental cases where the patient lost the hair even from the back & sides of the scalp, which makes the donor supply very limited. And in such cases, the Doctors/Surgeons are compelled to extract the hair from the other parts of the body to meet the requirement of the recipient area.

When the Body to Scalp Hair Transplants are Needed

These body hairs not only transplanted to the balding scalp areas but also get it done to heal the donor site scars where they can effectively improve coverage. The body hair transplant is used to cover the donor site’s scar areas also and Dr Suneet Soni is one of the few Surgeons in the world with experience & expertise in this area.

The same Growth Pattern with a different span of Hair Growth Phases

The Body hair follows the same growth pattern as the hair that grows on the scalp, but with a shorter anagen phase and longer telogen phase. While the anagen phase of the hair on one’s head lasts for years, the body hair growing phase lasts a few months. This shortened growing period extended dormant (telogen) phase explains why the scalp hair tends to be much longer than another part of the body hair. So, it is not advisable to take the body hair or the scalp hair transplantation as it has a different length property and not admissible until there is a strong need for the same in some special cases of the insufficient donor hair of the scalp.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used for the Body Hair Transplant

The FUE technique is used for the body hair transplant involves the punching machines to extract the hair roots. The hair roots are extracted randomly as each punch requires an aesthetic distance for the next punching. The FUE is only suitable for the body hair transplant as there is no question for strip off option. The other fact associated with body hair transplant is their limitations of hair root extraction as well as the limited number of body hairs which is not feasible in order to cover the particular grade of scalp baldness.

Why dermacare , Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre for BHT?

Dr. Shashidhar has a keen aesthetic sense and knowledge with an extreme expertise to perform the body hair transplant for both the types, whether it is used as the donor hair to fill the scalp area as well as the BHT to restore the chest, eyebrow, moustache or beard by the FUE hair transplant technique